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"Strategic Solutions to strengthen the pillars of the company".


TSM is a company composed of independent specialists with over 15 years of broad experience in management and business consultancy in different sectors.


We bring our global strategic vision to our clients, being the driving force behind the actions that allow a positive evolution in the business.


Thanks to our professional experience, we are "accelerators" of the processes that bring results in the short to medium term by improving the economic and financial situation of our clients.


Due to our entrepreneurial spirit, the involvement in projects is maximum, participating actively in decisions and actions.


High standard of professional ethics adjusting our goals to our clients capabilites. "No smoke and mirrors".


In a framework of absolute transparency in our diagnoses seeking to be aware of the reality of the situation.


Maximum involvement.


Generating customer loyalty.

We look for closer relationships to meet the objectives in the short, medium and long term.


Pragmatic mentality. We carry out the effective implementation of the actions.



Outsanding Projects Summary


Health Project

Healthcare company with high market share in the domestic market but with no presence in the international market.

An international accelerated implementation is carried out starting with internal actions that allow the company to export with guarantees.

Nowadays the international client porfolio is 30% of the turnover of the company, with presence in over 35 countries.


Automotive project

Company subject to high demand of its customers and because of it with service problems.

An action plan for the optimization of resources is provided:

Redefinition of the plant lay out.

Creation of production cells

Team Management to improve coordination.

Purchasing Management creating a central purchasing.

Creation of Customer Service Management.

Plant Personnel management for flexible shifts.

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